1918 Pictures of Buckinghamshire

The following black and white photos, have been kindly provided by Dave Swindell. They were taken in approximately 1918, and show both people and scenes from Buckinghamshire, Many of the pictures are from Twyford, Thonborough and Hillesden. A number were taken at the time of the funeral of Dave Swindell's great grandfather, William Dillow.

All Saints church, Hillesden
Inside All Saints Church, Hillesden
Church of St. Mary, Twyford
House, Twyford
Terrace houses, Twyford
St. Mary the Virgin, Thornborough
Green and Pond, Thornborough
House in the High Street, Thornborough
Lone Tree Public House, Thornborough
Louisa Dillow
Photo of a Man (No. 1)
Photo of a Man (No. 2)
Photo of a Man (No. 3)
Photo of a Man (No. 4)
Photo of a Woman (No. 1)
Photo of a Woman (No. 2)
Photo of a group of people
Thatch Cottage (possibly in Twyford)
Thatch cottage (possibly second view of cottage above)
Buckinghamshire scene
Buckinghamshire panorama
Inside a Buckinghamshire church

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