Buying Prints of Photos on the
Countyviews web site

Prints of the majority of photos shown on the Countyviews web site can be purchased for personal use*. Potentially the photos which are available are those copyrighted to Kevin Quick. The prints are produced from high resolution images.

Due to the quantity of photos on the site, they are being made available in the online store as and when requested. At the bottom of each photo page is a button link to 'Buy Prints' - if this has a shopping basket in the top right, the photo is already available from the online store. If it has an information 'i' logo, it is not in the store yet and an email request is needed (see below).

If you wish to order some prints not yet available in the online store, please make a note of the title and preferably web address etc of the specific pictures you are interested in and contact Kevin Quick ( who will then endeavor to make them available for online purchase.

The current purchase price per photo is as follows:

Size of
Cost per
UK Pounds
7 1/2" x 5" 3.00
10" x 8" 8.00
12" x 8" 10.00
A4 10.00
A3 20.00

There is also an additional delivery charge on any purchase. Full cost information is available in the online store

*Note: the copyright of all photos remains with Kevin Quick. If you wish to use a photo in any type of publication etc. please email to see if this would be possible and the charges involved